A Call for a Distributed Web

A web without servers, that's the dream.

And do it without rebuilding the entire stack of architecture. What he is proposing here is almost too optimistic.

  • Base it on P2P tech (BitTorrent is a front-runner)
  • Privacy is maintained, distributed authentication system without centralized usernames and passwords
  • Versions of history are maintained, Wayback Machine is your only solution anymore
  • Publishers get paid (another stab at Bitcoin fantasy)

... the needed technologies are now available in JavaScript, Bitcoin, IPFS/Bittorrent, Namecoin, and others. We do not need to wait for Apple, Microsoft or Google to allow us to build this.

What we need to do now is bring together technologists, visionaries, and philanthropists to build such a system that has no central points of control.

I can see the appeal. If only capitalistic incentives doesn't get in the way.