A World Without Work

If you bother to study the Luddite movement back in the industrial age, you may not get a straightforward answer after all.

It's easy to picture a future where no one would be forced to do work they don't wanna do. Not so easy even imagining how we get there.

According to this story, there are three ways a world without work would pan out:

  1. Consumption - people displaced from the formal workforce will devote their freedom to simple leisure
  2. Communal creativity - some will seek to build productive communities outside the workplace;
  3. Contingency - others will fight, passionately and in many cases fruitlessly, to reclaim their productivity by piecing together jobs in an informal economy.

I think people dislike the notion of demise-of-work because first, they really mean survival avenues when they say work; and secondly they can't imagine what else would fill the void.

Of all people, I think oriental cultures will be the last to deal with this, and will have the hardest time doing so. When the goal post of success changes, our 3,000 years of culture will have very little to say about it.