Agree And Amplify


Relationships are merely a continuation of pickup by other means. Just as she must never forget to keep in shape for your pleasure, you must never stop gaming your girl. The day you slip into complacence is the day her love begins to show signs of stress.

Relationships may change but the Game remains the same. There seems to be a mistaken belief among the betacracy that game may be good for pickup but it’ll do nothing at best, and sabotage at worst, your prospects for a long and healthy relationship. These are the beliefs of weak and nutless men who habitually dumpster date women way under their own market value so that they can go on acting like Dr. Phil castrati without consequence. They are also the beliefs of fat and ugly women.


Agree & Amplify is an anti-shit test counterinsurgency.

The concept is simple. When you are hit with a shit test, agree with your girl, and then amplify your agreement.