Mastering the art of suffering

When you live long enough, something will hit you where it hurts.

How you take it

What hits you does not matter. It only matters what you focus on. Your obligation is to focus things you control.

The measure of your character comes down to how you take the hit.

You may cry, you may rant. But if you lose composure and snap, you fail. It's not about holding it in, it's about you losing control. Find a safe environment to lash out, I recommend the wooden dummy.

Adopt opportunism

Focus on the upside. Engage in finding what you can gain from the situation. Take advantage.

If you're convinced there's no opportunity to be had, you're either not thinking hard enough (unwilling to), unable to focus (inability to meditate) or you have a serious failure of imagination (just plain dumb). Pick you case and work on it before it's too late.

Embrace absurdity

The univese is under no obligation to make sense to you. It's a comedy that has happened to you, it only looks like a tragedy because you're self-sorry.

This timeline is absurd by design. It's a feature not a bug.

Don't think someone is out to get you, you're not that important.

Beware of pleasures

In good times, beware of daily pleasures. Indulge with moderation, be suspicious of how it hooks you.

When shit hits the fan and all you know is pleasure, the pain of your suffering will be that much more acute.

There is a pay off

If this doesn't kill you, there is only one surefire outcome: you'll emerge stronger than before.

Strength afterall, is the asset no one can take away from you.