Clear mind is like oxygen

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image0There's nothing like a prolonged hackathon to bring out the worst of the problem-solver in you.

The more bugs you try to fix; the more problems you create.

At some point there's just no point trying to hold 5 variables in your head anymore; they decay faster than I can type them out.

At which point I wonder if I ever come to a day when I need to concede I'm too old to program, how would I handle it?

Meantime, coffee is a cop out (diminishing return); I hate Red Bull (and the like); power nap was done 1 hour ago.

The bug looks simple; you know it's simple. You know by the time you have it figured out, you would knock yourself on the head for not seeing it sooner.

Two weeks you were brilliant debugging your co-worker's code with method he didn't think of.

But now... now you're just clueless, staring at the same code, trying the same solution you just tried ten minutes ago.

Everything has been tried. But we both know that's not true.

Now you're just too squishy to come up with something brilliant, you just wanna fucking sleep.