Dagger of Life

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I just got to the hospital. It doesn't have the smell I expect, I miss that smell, that stench of death.

Sandy has been in coma for two months now. I'm walking towards her room. Nobody pays attention to what I'm holding behind my jacket. Nobody pays me attention in general.

Sandy is my ex-wife. She fucking hates me; even in coma I'm sure of that.

I reach her room. I'm glad nobody talked to me along the way, this is not a good time for any of that. I really don't wanna explain anything.

She's in the same position on the bed, hasn't moved a bit. That's great, I can now... hang the fuck on.

Sandy's brother and sister are here. This is gonna complicate things.

Jay the brother says: "What are you doing here?"

Jay started out as a nice guy when I first met him. Problem started when he launched into monologue with me about how me and Sandy should run our lives.

He's waiting for an answer from me. He's not getting one.

Angie, the sister, recalls: "Jay, he doesn't talk, you don't remember? He's already weirding me out."

She's noticing me being anxious. My poker face isn't as good as I think it is.

They've always knew me as someone who doesn't talk. I don't bother with sign language with them, and my answer to them consist of simple expressions and gestures.

They couldn't figure me out and that makes them nervous.

Well this is a long shot. I gesture them to go out of the room. They got confused. They know I want them out but they're not complying.

Jay thinks I'm gonna hurt Sandy. He may not be far off.

I'm short of time. The dagger is expiring soon.

I took out my phone and start typing: "I have the cure for Sandy, it's rather unusual."

They read it, got curious and ask to see it. This is not gonna go down well.

I took out the Dagger of Life from my jacket. Their jaws drop.

They probably think I was being ironic about curing her by killing her. I need to explain this before they flip.

I drop it. I took my phone and am barely able to type: "This is the Dagger of Life. Don't ask I got it but it will cure any illness. I just need to stab Sandy in the heart. But time is runni"

I coulda say more before Jay snatch the phone out of my hand to read.

They are not buying one bit of it.

Angie: "Look I know you're weird but never think you're dumb. If you're gonna kill her can't you make it less obvious?"

Jay is gonna do something real soon, I can see it in his eyes.

They don't know I'm doing them a favor. I'll be saving them medical bills if I cure Sandy. All they have to do is to hear me out, but they're only interested in talking and assuming.

Why do I bother helping them anyway? This could legitimately land me in trouble. I don't love Sandy anymore, the feeling is mutual. And I especially am not fond of the siblings.

I'm not doing this because the Dagger of Life found me and I have an obligation. Every other patient in this hospital deserves me stabbing them in the heart more than Sandy.

Angie steps out and calls for security.

Jay calmly come over to take my dagger.

It's not what they do that bothers me. It's that they do it so calmly thinking I'm more a nuisance than a threat. It reminds me of Sandy.

I give Jay a strong push. Jay is surprised I had this in me.

There's no time to lose. I take the dagger and stab into Sandy's heart.

There is no blood coming out, that's good. This is going according to plan.

Jay looks at the dagger at her heart, he think I killed Sandy.

He takes a swing at my face. I block his punch like it's nothing.

Angie yells: "She's awake!"

It took awhile before Sandy manage to wake up fully. She's surprised to see me.

I get to do what I came here for. It's not to save Sandy.

Now I get to say this to her, aloud: "I hope you live a very long life. And suffer every second of it."