Everytime someone talks about me

This is a repost from WritingPrompts.

I stopped hearing them.

I used to hear people's voices when they talk about me.

It's been a week since I last heard that. Or maybe it's a month? I can't tell. There's a kinda serenity from that. I bet this woulda Trump woulda kill himself if nobody talked about him for a week.

It make sense though. Dad died last month, it was a horrible car accident. We can hardly recover anything discernible from the wreckage. I'd rather people talk about him than me.

What's unsettling was that a week after his death, I heard Dad's voice: "Listen, I have two kids. They're talented, they can help."

I know what he meant. Dad was referring to someone about me and my sister Sarah. He knew about me hearing things. When I was little, he started to conduct small scale experiments at home when I showed up unannounced right after my folks talked me. Whatever he found out, he wasn't surprised. Even a little disappointed.

There's the other elephant in the room: Dad must've faked his death. There's no other reason why I would hear his voice.

I can see why. Dad talked about wanting to get off the grid for a long time. I think it has to do with the expectations imposed on him at work. In his line of work, it can be like Hotel California. Living in a cabin in the woods with a whole new identity can sound real appealing.

If that Dad's friend is expected to come to me for help, I haven't heard from anyone. That means it's Sarah that he called.

Which points to only one thing he wants: Sarah's ability to sense people's deepest fear.

It's not something Sarah can verbalize, not for lack of trying. It's fear she feels out of someone, almost to the point of tactile. It's a cursing when she feels it too deeply that she inhabits other people's fears. In rare occasion, she'll exploit it by pressing their buttons.

If Dad refers someone to Sarah, it has to be about espionage work. Possibly interrogation, maybe high-stake negotiation.

In that case, why would he bring me up at all? None of my 'talent' can be help in his business. And even if I can help, I haven't seen my phone in a weeks. No wonder no one can reach me.

I think I jumped the gun. Dad wasn't talking about me and Sarah. He was talking about Sarah and someone else. A sibling I didn't know about from another family in his time away. That's the only explanation I can offer.

So here we are. There's one implication we have to consider.

The car accident, it wasn't Dad in the car wreck.

Dad isn't the dead one. It's me.