A guide to extroversion for introverts


Introverts has a way of talking themselves into self-defeat. The following are mind-hacks to unfuck yourselves in extrovert territories.

Approach all human encounters as performances

Among regular people, "being yourself" works against you. Before you get to be yourself you need to earn it.

Performing is the way to earn it. To perform is to be not-you.

Performing is not about pleasing the others. The audience is a feedback machine to be exploited for benchmarking your performance.

Think with your mouth

This is the only kinda thinking many extroverts do.

It's feels frustrating, even embarassing. It's works like pressing the game-show buzzer before you know the answer, otherwise it's too late.

Learn it to do it anyway.

You would sound only 20% as clever as your smart-brain. That's OK, no one else knows.

If you're lucky, some people may detect that and tries to uncover the other 80%. In which case you've gained an interesting conversation.

Maybe you'll make a verbal mistake, apologize then, you're only human. The reward is worth the risk.

Make good use of alcohol

Enough to suppress your inhibitions, release your inner demon to get your mouth to do the thinking.

But don't drink enough that you end up borrowing sobriety from the next few days.

Alcohol is part of civilization for many reasons, don't dismiss it without acknowledging the upsides.

Maintain a talking/listening ratio of 60:40

You're not among regular people to learn; leave the learning for review sessions.

In rare occasions, other people wanna learn from you too. But most cases, these people want a group-performance where you pull your own weight. So listening does very little.

Besides, a good listener end up looking like a suspicious mole with a dubious agenda.