How to be a great software developer

image0If there’s one thing that software developers care about, it’s becoming even better software developers. Where do you start though? Should you accumulate the bells and whistles: deepen your knowledge of Node and no-sequel? Should you rote-learn the answers to the profession’s gateway questions and be able to produce bubble sort or link shortener algorithms on demand? Or are there perhaps more fundamental roots that you can put down?

I believe that your seniority and value as a programmer is measured not in what you know, it’s measured in what you put out. The two are related but definitely not the same. Your value is in how you move your project forward and how you empower your team to do the same. In fifteen years of programming I’ve never had to implement a bubble sort or a link shortener. However I have had to spend thousands and thousands of hours writing and refactoring account management tools, editing suites, caching logic, mailing interfaces, test suites, deployment scripts, javascript layers, analytics architecture and documentation. These were the things that mattered, the completion of these were what moved us forward.