I Hate Open Floorplans, It Makes Roger Come Out

image0... When I was working my desk faced the door of a busy hallway.  I dislike working with people walking around behind me (I offer no explanation, it just gives me the creeps) but if I faced the door I would look up every time someone walked by.  It was just enough of a distraction to knock me out of my flow.  I ended up putting a bookcase in front of my desk to block my view from the door, it made me appear anti-social, but I got things done!

My view from my desk.  Awww, the peace provided by wood.

Open floor plans cause employees to lose control of their workspace.  They can no longer filter distractions to protect their flow.  They are bombarded by people walking around, conversations being had, and whatever else.  Collaboration is great, but I never had any problems with it when I had my own office, people just come in and talk; no one else needs to be disturbed.  ”Collaborative spaces” have only made me less productive.  Open office plans try to solve a problem that does not exist and make things worse in the process.