I Shot Bruce

This is a re-post from r/WritingPrompts.

It's my fifth year in Cobblepot Corp. I promised it was temporary gig until I found something that suits my talent. I was worried about having Cobblepot in my resume then, but if it's a place where I can put my Six Sigma skills into practice, maybe other companies will get over that fact.

I'm overseeing a logistical operation tonight. I don't much care what's in the inventories but everybody kinda have some idea. We don't talk about it.

Gun fight is going on several levels down the building. We have established protocol for this kinda thing. I've been through it three times.

Everybody gets a gun here. I've never had to use them, it's just standard operating procedure, they say.

Protocol dictates that we cover certain parts of the building when this happens, so I end up walking in a hallway by myself.

Sounds of gun fight stops. Everything got quiet for awhile.

A shadow emerges. It's larger than a typical human. It's moving really slowly towards me. I was hoping he's gonna say something to me. Even a threat is fine, at least I know what I'm dealing with.

He walks closer, there's a faint sound of grunt. I'm not taking the chance. I point my gun a shoot.

He falls flat on the floor, no movement. I walk over the body, gun still point at him in case he bounces up.

The fuck, it's him.

He don't look all that menacing to me. I think he came injured when he reached me.

I've never been this close to him. The guys talk about him all the time over drinks. I've never had my war story on him until now.

That's the thing with being management. I've always dealt with threats like him as an abstraction. He was only as real as a statistical model. To me he's not the devil like my boys think of him. He is extra business cost absorbed by customers who are none the wiser.

Now do I go ahead and claim credit for this kill? It's the truth, I'll probably get a bonus for this.

A voice came around calling me. One of the boys is checking if I'm OK.

I need time here, I don't want him to find out. I brushed him off saying I'm fine before he got close enough to see and the body. The entire crew is probably sweeping the building looking for him.

Don't panic, let's think. Who are gonna benefit from him dead? Fucking Oswald for one.

The entire business pipeline is gonna be much smoother from here on. There's one less risk vector to account for, the security costs can go way down.

Fuck I may get a bonus out of this but end up lose the job. They don't need me to look after operations anymore. Many of the gun wielding boys will lose their jobs too.

This is frustrating. In the heat of the moment I kneel over and take off his mask.

Shit, I know this face. It's been awhile but it's Wayne from business class in college. I remember doing much better than him in assignments, he was going on about Tibet or some shit. We didn't spend much time together, but he was a nice guy to me.

Yet here I am, in a deadbeat job and Wayne was a fucking bat. There's a poetry somewhere in here.

I know what I'm about to do. It's not a good idea, but I'm doing it.

I pull his body to a corner to hide it. I take off his armor and put them on myself.

I am Batman now, bitch.

I know every security compromises in the building, and I know the safest way to get to Cobblepot and take him out.

In armor, I make my way there.

Before I exit the hallway, somebody with a cape sneak up to me saying: "Holy Batman!"