IBM’s Robot Chef Tell Me What to Cook for a Week

Chef Watson — developed alongside Bon Appetit magazine and several of the world’s finest flavor-profilers — has been launched in beta, enabling you to mash recipes according to ingredients of your own choosing and receive taste-matching advice which, reportedly, can’t fail. While some of the world’s foremost tech luminaries and conspiracy theorists are a bit skeptical about the wiseness of A.I., if it’s going to be used at all, allowing it to tell you what to make out of a fridge full of unloved leftovers seems like an inoffensive enough place to start.

That's your sign of disruption. They all start as toys, something you can dismiss because something else (human) can do it better.

And then you blink, adoption occurs, they started doing more and more until you can't do without it anymore.

This is how true AI is will play out.