Imaginary Friend

This is a repost from WritingPrompts.

I might be a narcissist. I'm not entirely sure but the description feels like it. I'm not a particularly sociable person but I can be quite friendly. I'm into history and current affairs, I'm full of ideas.

Let me also tell you about Arthur. Arthur is my best friend. He is not particularly outgoing either, and he's got no other friend but me. We hang out everyday, we've been friend since we're both five.

But we've been growing apart. Our interests have grown increasingly diverge. He like reading about foreign cultures which I don't care for. I keep up with politics, I care where the world is heading to.

Sometimes I don't get why Arthur is so chilled about things. I mean look at the state of the world, nothing make sense. The world asks so much is asked of us, yet give us back so little.

Arthur and I had a disagreement last week. Actually more like an intense fight, I ended up getting Arthur's Google and Apple account banned.

I wanna say it's over a stupid matter but it's really quite fundamental.

You see, I don't have a body. Arthur imagined me since he was a kid. Perhaps to cope with loneliness. His parents were weird, other kids were mean.

Here's the thing. We were discussing the topic of agency. I dunno what lead to it but I proposed I take over Arthur's entire identity.

And the dude just gone berserk. He said I wasn't real. The balls!

Look, I'm every bit as real as Arthur. The fact that I don't have a body doesn't mean I'm not alive or not have a mind of my mind. In fact I'm literally mind over matter.

I wasn't serious at first, but the hurtful words from Arthur changed my mind. It's time I take over.

Now we're here. We're hanging on the side of the bridge. If I let go, we both drop die. "Let me take over your body," that's my ultimatum to Arthur.

Arthur just couldn't understand why. People tend to complicate simple things even when their lives depend on it.

We're both 16 now. I say it's time to find the right girl and have her, that's just how nature goes.

Had this been left to Arthur, nothing is gonna happen. If anything, Arthur will turn us into a #MeToo perpetrator. So I'm gonna have to step up, for the sake of both of us.

Arthur: "Are you saying you're wanna rape someone?"

Me: "I won't put it like that. But given how little time I have with your body, I just might have to resort to that. Can you blame me?"

At this point, a girl walked up to us. Arthur was stunned.

She seemed lost: "Hey excuse me. My car broke down, can you help me?"

I said to Arthur: "Are you gonna help her or should I?"