What Interest Me This Week

What does The Great Reset imply

The Great Reset is what I'm calling this global lockdown effect. Very little about civilization remain untouched by it.

Lifestyle changes are not too difficult to predict. It's the second order effects that you never see coming.

I'm lucky to be working in a SaaS business that just happens to be somewhat shielded from this global crisis. Can't be so sure about it a year from now.

If small/medium businesses stop being a thing of the past (don't count it out), the business may go down the drain with it.

Markets have been going up, what are they thinking?

S&P500 has been having a few up days, and then not sure what they wanna do the past two days by going side ways.

It feels dubious that the market doesn't know how bad things can get. Afterall a year-long lockdown isn't out of the question. The economic damage is limited by the imagination.

Yet the market isn't reacting correspondingly.

This either means a few whales know something I don't (always true); or the entire retail market is falsely hopeful.

易經 55 豐掛, 九四

I-Ching 55 give us the foundation of abundance. I map it to historic market top.

Reaching the pinnacle is not something to brag about. What follows can only be tragedy, it's all downhill from here. How you handle it says everything about your character.

Drilling to 9-4, that's the missing piece I need to interpret.


Who this man was in Chinese and English.

I've been going through his life story bit by bit. Of all his accomplishments, what brings him alive most was teaching.

I have yet to go into 心學 or 知行合一. Meantime I'm not sure studying the person first is a productive approach.

Playflow version 0.2

Playflow version 0.1 has been running for about three months. Some chinks are showing in the armor.

It succeed in collecting things to play. It also succeed it telling when to play which.

Play-- houses play-items that are 'nutritious'. And bitter.

Juxtaposing it with Play++, it takes herculean willpower to look forward to any of it.

I want my playflow to make playing something to look forward to, but guilt-free.

Organization knowledge: composition

I've been tackling a topic that's too large to ever be saticfactory. So far I've only managed to put together the problem statement semi-successfully.

I have some sense that the one-half of solution involve some kinda omnipresent ambient data digestion. The challenge now isn't coming up with answers, but forming good questions around composing org knowledge.