What Interest Me This Week

Playflow v0.2

Version 0.2 has been running for a week. It split plays/hobbies into finite and infinite buckets.

Most notable change here is the submission to luck.

Rather than allowing energy-level to determine what to do, we roll the dice and pick one item from each bucket each day.

So far this luck has dictated that I do more writing than consuming. FOMO has been cut way down, afterall I don't have to suffer the fear since it's my decision to miss out.

Problem is the finite list now has the same problem before the playflow framework came along: it's so long that some items will never get any love.

How to do Twitter right

I think I'm doing Twitter wrong. At best half right.

Not in terms of gaining followers, and not so much in trying to have deep conversations.

I suspect there's a hive mind that can only be tapped into from Twitter.

First I may need to stop following the mega profiles. Beyond that I have to deep dive into the abyss of tweets and not sure what I'll find.

How to polish a turd from a mis-hire

Take enough risk and you'll make a hire you regret.

I always have the option of firing. But since I can still manage, I wanna turn it into an opportunity and see if I can make something valuable out of a dud.

Subselves & prototype-harmony

It's a mental-model I've been holding on for about a year but hasn't put it down into detailed description. It's about time.

I recently came across subselves as a concept but I'm not sure if that captures it.

Here's a preview.

You are not you. You are a collection of multiple yous. Like schizophrenia, there are more than two.

Each person inside you has their distinctive belief systems and personality quirks.

Most (if not all) mental problems are a result these personalities clashing.

Having them coming to terms is what I call prototype harmony.

Risk-mapping framework

A way of thinking about risk vs reward that is not quatified into statistics and probabilities.