What Interest Me This Week


A weird-sounding word for an money idea that's went obsolete 200 years ago. I first picked that up watching Real Vision (about the only thing I paid to get behind a paywall).

The idea of a reverse life-insurance isn't hard to imagine. Get paid for not being dead, how bout that. That such thing used to exist was news to me.

At this point there seems to be only one game in town. That's a shame.

An unshakable habit

I have this disgusting habit I can't shake for decades. It rhymes with "hatching".

The best I can attempt now is to smoke out the prototype/subself responsible for it. I barely have a good lead on even that.

To be fair, this is a deep rooted lizard brain habit. If I somehow manage to shake this, I can shake anything.

Trading engine

Legibility over power. Engineering over magic.

That's roughly I justify rolling my own trading engine. I previously relied heavily on Enigma-Catalyst, which was really Zipline adapted for crypto. Catalyst has since been an abandoned project.

In algo-trading there's the decision-making bit and then there's the convoluated software tool. If I hardly knew what I was doing then, I might as well cut down the surface area of my ignorance now.

If I know my tool inside out, then I only have trading mistakes to make, not software.

Risk-mapping framework

Not much progress since last week.

Consider this though: Chinese culture has a thing with gambling, but not much insights in the forms of formal mental models.

I hope its my ignorance. Compiling some conventional wisdoms around gambling may be a good start.

Interactive tweet fiction

Also known as choose-your-own-adventure. I'm curious how it'll work out in the form of branching Twitter threads.

I tried my hands crafting a story. In tweets, the form surprisingly encourages quick action and choice-branching on the part of the writer. Reading/playing experience is decent.

It was not an attempt at writing a good story, mostly it's not clear what good looks like in this genre. I doubt Bandersnatch is the benchmark.

It may be possible to discover the state-of-art in rapid fire speed.

Some questions I'd like answered are how much gravity should reader-choices inhibit; how much characters matter; and is this medium oriented for action or thoughts.