What Interest Me This Week

Mimetic mimicry

If you do an audit on your values/ideals/virtues/ambitions, there's a good chance you find that you didn't come up with most of them. They are something you mimic because they look appealing to your senses.

Realizing this is an antidote against FOMO.

Pursuing ideals that are genuinely my own is an art of life. I'm not yet sure it's attainable.

This is a revisit of a previous thought-thread. Difference this time is this extends to the smallest of scale. To-do lists need to be scanned for mimetic mimicry, motivations to be questioned.

Aggression & reading the poker table

There has been a bit of a new found ability in reading a poker table for sentiments. Like any instinct (Gladwell-ian /Blink/-style) it can't be explained succintly without it going obsolete first.

Why this matters: I think reading the poker table is not that different from reading a market sentiment.

Only upon a reasonable read would making an aggressive move make sense.

Livepeer in portfolio

LPT is probably the largest size-vs-risk holding in my portfolio.

It's now looking dangerously like a shitcoin. How much of that is attributed to project fundamental is not clear.

Then again now may be too confusing a time to re-evaluate this position. The macro uncertainty is giving out too much radiation, it's inevitable that alt-coins get unreasonably affected.

Parenting a teenager

How is this done?

Conventional wisdom advocates listening. But you be damn if it's the lines you're listening to and not between them.

It can be a fatal mistake to listen for what they say not what they mean.