What Interest Me This Week

Linking Org notes

org-roam was an overkill. But the interlinking between notes was proven valuable, I'm starting build that into my knowledge base slowly.

But vanilla org-mode doesn't make it easy to create two-way links. Looks like I'm gonna explore org-brain, org-zettelkasten or rolling my own elisp for this.

Basis of Enneagram

After getting a primer on it, I came to question why the confine of only nine personalities? At least MBTI has the basis of four binary combos.

Turn out Enneagram has a long history with Christianity.

On the plus side, it has Lindy effect going for it.

On the down side, it dubiously mirrors astrology.


Insanity here unscientifically defined as a state of losing touch with objective reason, replaced by an entirely subjective reasoning system available exclusively to yourself.

The question on my mind is: when faced with such does it pay to immerse and adopt the foreign logic system.