What Interest Me This Week


Nobody dreams about being a landlord. Those who did were too embarassed to tell you about it.

It's just something people do and something I fell into as a capitalist.

I don't make a great landlord, I don't have it in me. It's not even a mimetic desire for me, that makes it worse.

Dad left me a house that I have to fund to renovate, one more landlording to do. Not that I haven't done it before but it's an adulting curriculum no one truly addressed, you're just supposed to know.

It's not about the technicalities of maintaining a property. I got by doing the least of those I can get away with.

I did not go into it with the right mind game though. In any game the wrong mental model ruins everything. I think got the wrong idea about what to maximize from the get go.

Once a property project commits the capitalist approach is deeply unhelpful. It's debilitating for an entrepreneur to think like an investor.

As an alternative, thinking of landlording as space crafting feels more fulfilling. To think of the property as a product-person, to treat outcome of the space itself an end not the mean.

Another unrelated heuristic that somehow comforts me: for every dollar you spend purchasing something substantial, expect to pay a dollar in repairs, maintenance, or disposal.

Nyxt browser

Given that your web browser is most important application (second only to emacs for me) you should want to have as much granular control to it as possible.

Nyxt got my attention for that reason.

It's a project much too early to replace a mainstream browser anytime soon. It's so early it doesn't come with flatpak/snap for installation. It's so clunky it froze opening reddit.

But the vision is promising: a browser that thinks like emacs. Keyboard navigation is expected, vim keybinding came natively. Self-customization is mandatory and is done with LISP.

If I guess them right, future plugin infrastructure is going to resemble MELPA rather than Chrome Web Store.

It's not replacing my Firefox anytime soon but if this project maintains the momentum, I'll be happy that it does.