What Interest Me This Week

Symbolism of sabbath

Sabbath is weird. Not because resting is weird. Given that most people hate their work, I suppose it's even more so pre-historically, it's pretty weird to hear the message "take a break" given such prominence.

"... I will give you rest." seems like a weird thing for a god to say. There must be something more than behind the call to rest and pray. It only make sense for it to become a major narrative if the people hearing it are a group of over-achievers.

But that's not it. The context seems to be about slavery and the freedom from it. Perhaps exodus from Egypt weren't enough to shake the unrelenting work ethics from life long slaves.

Without programming in a cron schdule for break time, slaves were left no time to practice humanity. It was a simple straightforward call to not burn out so we can continue to slave away sustainably.

Detach from over-obsession with work, don't greed, connect back with nature, remember what's important.

That's not too difficult to derive but it doesn't answer why resting deserve such placing in the entire religious framework. If it's such a big deal to yahweh, what does rest truly symbolizes?

The most convincing one I came across is trust.

I guess when they say "god want you to trust him", they mean trust in the system. Trust that when you do your thing right throughout the week, you're gonna be fine.

This translates to trust and faith in the system. If you work your system well enough throughout the week, then sabbath is the day when the result is put to test. Sabbath is deployment day when you let the hands off the wheel and trust the car to drive itself.

If your car crashes, you know you're gonna start next week from the drawing board again. If it doesn't, you know you're in the right track.

Get your process right or no amount of hard work will pay off.