What Interest Me This Week

Energy, playflow, luck

One can make an argument that life is about managing energy.

Measured simplistically you may be in high-energy, low or just right. Low-energy is a signal to recuperate and replenish. You don't wanna be in high-energy at all times. Long enough and they turn into a psychological fat. That's when you felt you've lost the plot.

There's an intricate relationship between energy, plays and luck.

A playflow is a mechanism to regulate life energy.

People's impression of you is a matter of energy. For a long time thought it was about the face but I was wrong (found out from wearing face mask). From what's told to me I give off a serious energy (which I can't tell if that's high or low). Maybe they are too polite to say "I dare not fuck with you".

The role of luck is serendipity that creates your unique historical footprint. Employing it saves us from consuming decision-making energy and absolves regrets from bad decisions made with agency.

The benefit of an online life is having the choice of playing to spend or restore energy, if you're conscious of what you're doing.

The meatspace however doesn't offer as much agency. Where chaos is dominant your social encounter leans much more on luck.

Without incredible luck, meatspace encounters often have you run into small-minded people (defined in the Roosevelt-ian sense) who come with unique ways of draining your life energy with frivolities.

So the interest in my mind is: can energy vampirism be learned? If I can find a way to restore energy from normies at their expense, maybe it'd be a win-win scenario?

If it's learnable, what if it's as simple as practicing selfishness by imposing our topics-of-interests on them?

Or maybe I'm thinking about this the wrong way, when all I need are prepared stories and alcohol.