What Interest Me This Week

Writing tool as tool of thought

A continuation of this topic. If writing is thinking, it goes that a great thinking-tool is necessarily a great writing tool.

Which is ironic because writing tools haven't evolve much outside of coding editors. What has evolved are the products of writing (web, links, etc) which are not the same thing.

There are good reasons why people who know what they are doing with text-writing are sticking to emacs, vim and VS Code.

I now suspect that a successful tool of thought brings about insights not unlike what meditation achieves.

Short-selling mechanisms

Being able to short-sell is largely a social good, if you listen to the right people.

This is not restricted to stocks. If you think a government is a net-negative value producer, being able to somehow short-sell them would align your financial incentive in seeing them fail.

There are handful of humans I foresee will have a miserable outcome in life and career. I would glad short-sell them if possible.

Prediction markets exist to bet on such outcomes, but in its current form its reach of events is highly limited to mainstream predictions.