What Interest Me This Week

How do you maintain curiosity in sickness

This is a more attainable question that how to get good at being sick.

That's not the same thing "getting well". That's just something people say when they dunno what to. Getting good at being sick doesn't sound to me like a skill that's widely taught anywhere. Maybe it's the domain of monks so advanced it's not accessible to most people.

My interest in getting good at being sick is to just maintain one thing: my curiosity index.

The aftermath of being sick has a way to throwing the mind back to the state of a sloth. It's almost an over compensation of energy conservation, where you stop having any drive at all just to maintain the energy to stay alive.

By pure luck I ran into this (piece)[https://aeon.co/essays/how-awe-drives-scientists-to-make-a-leap-into-the-unknown] on the utility of awe. I always figure the Jews would have a solution for most mind matters.