What Interest Me This Week

Linking a prototype to a difficult habit

The word prototype here is my word that stands for an inner personality. The professionals may call it psychological subsystem. You may think of it as an inner character within a split personality (everybody is).

I wouldn't have to explain this had I not procrastinated on writing my framework on prototype-harmony. Such is our pain.

The basic premise is each prototype is responsible for one specific habit of yours. In most cases it's pretty easy to spot which habit belongs to whom. When I'm lazy for instance, I can tell this is the Determinist me trying to converse energy.

My interest here however is about hard-to-break habits. It's difficult to tell which prototype is responsible.

In my case I have this habit of scratching even when I don't need to. It fulfills a need, I just can't say what that is with certainty.

Trying to find out works like a murder mystery. This time every suspect is part of me. And no one is less qualified to detect your own lies than yourself.

Enneagram Type-4

By now I'm convinced that the enneagram is a superior model of personality types compared to MBTI and others.

And rightfully so because it's so hard to learn it's hardly applicable for business management. I"m barely halfway there.

This description of Type 4 hits me hard.

  • They enjoy being depressed, even when they don't admit it.
  • Being bleak gives them energy.
  • Their favorite color to wear is black.

I've been reduced to a caricature.

My interest is what this means and why.

I think though it's always a mistake to get boxed in by a model. People are quick to feel proud to be categorized as a type (in any psych model) and then proceed to live up to the prophecy.