What Interest Me This Week

Exploiting insanity

Not as in taking advantage of the insanes, but harnessing qualities of insanities and extracting benefits out of it.

I'm increasing inclined to think of insanity not as a failure to comply to norms but as a mode of failure to convey ideas too complex for languages. Crazy is another way of saying "I don't understand."

Whether or not it's a disorder is irrelevant, what matters to me is what this mode is able to produce.

FX's Legion was brilliant, even if many aspects of it defy analysis. It presented a picture of insanity that has never been done.

Insanity is really just the symptom. The outcome is imagination which is the quality everyone should be after. Imagination after all is the quality that expand the realm of possibilities. Most of us lose it by adulting and desperate to regain them through popular fiction.

I wonder if insanity is a vehicle to spur imagination. Or is it the other way round where insanity is the result of overly rampant imagination? I'm hoping it's the former because that way craziness is not an outcome to avoid but a mode to go after.

If I'm right about that, can one "go crazy" in a sandbox mode without letting the insanity leak into the real world? Nicholas Cage comes to mind.

Popular frameworks on creative fiction revolves around structures of plots and interestingness of characters. What's hardly talked about is its utility as a vehicle for the creator to go insane in their sandboxed world.

The point isn't so much to tell good stories but to practice imagining what has not been imagined before.

If insanity can be frameworked into a practice, then by proxy we would've found a way to superior imagination.