What Interest Me This Week

Crypto liquidation

Turning crypto assets back into MYR is not something I've found a reason to do so far.

Given that I haven't an urgent reason to do so, and that the selling side of investment isn't my strong suit, it's high time I put it into practice before I have a real need to do so.

Supposed you're holding a non-trivial amount of MKR (or whatever is fashionable now), turning them into MYR is not a one-step process. Each step of the way involves transaction cost, and the price you get is a function of how time-senstive (desperate) your are. It's made worse if asset you hold are diversified across multiple places.

I know enough in theory how these trades are done. But if it ever comes to a time when I need MYR in fiat form, I don't wanna have be surprised in practice.