What Interest Me This Week

Getting into the business of persuasion

The Enneagram pretty much convinced me I've overdone intellect and creativity at the expense of relatability.

This is in so many ways a bottleneck of making impact at any scale. A classic nerd problem.

The business of persuasion refers to act of convincing, selling, changing of minds. The kinda acts we don't need more of.

The lie I told myself goes along of "if I can't convince someone of something, I can exploit and bet against them for profit instead."

If I were to attempt a go at the persuasion business (on any domain), it would be about sharpening my cognitive tools, not change the world.

Problem is I'm highly wary of taking on new projects. This can only be bearable if I'm willing to settle for three criteria: not being completionist, making this a highly public act, and reframing this as play (not project).