What Interest Me This Week


Compulsive scratching is still out of control. I have no better handling of it other than using an how long I've been sober app.

I succeeded at hitting a 24-hour streak two times. It's awful.

For now I've been taking the slow progress approach. If I were to go cold turkey, I may have to donate money to Donald Trump for real if I fail.

This is a great study of the legitimacy of self-control and to a lesser extent, determinism. To people with serious cases of OCD, self-control is really a joke.

Having experienced ketamine shots, I sometimes wonder if that's how animal consciousness is. True control is dialled down to 2, action is decoupled from consiousness.

It's pretty clear OCD is the lizard exerting control, the tough bit is getting control of the lizard brain.

Trading shitcoins

While my automated trading project (Windfall) has been put on the backburner for now making time for me to handle landlording work, I can't help but think there must be opportunities I'm missing not trading the big movers, even by hand.

The term 'shitcoin' here isn't literal. It's about exploiting the retail market's lack of rationality.

I felt a need to adjust my opportunity monitoring methodology. There's no point looking at S&P500 and Bitcoin prices daily anymore, or jerking off to opinions about the soundness of Bitcoin.

Normies need to be convinced about Bitcoin, not me. Putting money into Bitcoin for me is equivalent to saving money in fixed deposit for normies.

Looking for edgy risky trade opportunity should where the game is.


There's a differences between being creative and thinking of yourself as creative.

You can only claim to be so if you actively do it. Being formerly creative doesn't count.

For me that domain is fiction. I only think I am creative.

Which brings me to give Writing Prompts subreddit a try. K knew about it for some time but thought I was too good for it.

What hubris. It was enormously effective, I cranked out a first story in an hour (but at three times my target limit).

It was great for overcoming inertia, readership is secondary. I'm gonna try and turn this into a game.

There's a reason why this matters to my psyche, and that's informed by Type Four Enneagram. Turn out I need such outlet to cultivate Type Four creative animal spirit.