What Interest Me This Week

Taking profits

When you feel like bragging, it's time to sell.

I am naturally handicapped at selling assets for profit. But I am good at is scaling in and out.

I did not take profit and scale out wisely during 2017, thinking prices will moon forever. What subsequently suffered was a heavily drawn down portfolio, where I was robbed of the opportunity to buy as much as I could have in bear market.

What's different this time is I'm much more tuned in to how trad-fi people think. It's time to put things into practice.

Dangerous Writing

Listening to Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) recently, he introduced to me the concept of Dangerous Writing by one

The idea being "fiction is the lie that tells the truth truer". It's a form of fiction-writing process that's so raw it's designed to designed to find hidden thigns that scares the author.

That hit home for me immediately after I learned what it is. I've always know this intuitively but to discover that it's a thing and there's a method to it is something else.

Making stories as therapy takes on a whole new meaning now.