What Interest Me This Week

Recovery vs rest

I highly suspect I've been doing weekends wrong. This post pointed out the distinction between recovery days and rest days.

When your weekends turn out resembling weekdays quite a bit (minus day-job work) it can either mean work is so good they feel like play, or play so badly done they feel like work.

You would think play is as easy as "just do whatever you want." But that would be as simple as requesting your CPU to simply give you a random number. If you dunno computers enough, a truly random number is close to impossble.

The closest thing I've got to a framework is playflow. That still feels incomplete purely from the fact that I've never quite finished a weekend feeling "there, I've done what I'm supposed to do."


I've been fantasizing about creating online classes. Of course the first thing I ran into was Pressfield-ian Resistance.

I don't even know what to teach but I suspect I'm qualified at something.

Interestingly the motivation this time has more to do with creative expression than commerce. That's freeing when success don't have to be measured by revenue.

One area of opportunity is the proliferation of new medium. By that I mean teaching need to be confined to running slides on Coursera. Short videos (TikTok) and stories (that thing every platform is doing but poorly done) may be poorly exploited for this.