What Interest Me This Week

Undoing far-back history in git

Rewinding two commits back is one thing. But to take a branch and completely take out specific parts of what happened is a different story.

It's like going back in time, kill Hitler but make everything else happened as expected as well.

That's what I have to do soon, to undo my own mistakes on a widely shared branch several weeks back.

Logically I can't think of an easy to way to do this. But I doubt I'm the first man to run into this problem.

Getting good at git is the closest thing to linear time travel too.

EOS & activism-investing

EOS is the most painful sight in my portfolio. I was tempted to bite the bullet and sell it numerous times.

EOS began by occupying a healthy slice of my portfolio. It gradually slide down in price, so bad then when 1inch airdropped me token back on Christmas Day, their value easily eclipse that of my EOS holding.

And then I came across this slightly viral and contentious view.

Even though EOS doesn't equate to Block.One equities, I think the activist-investor play is to use legal proceedings and make it so.

If that succeeds, EOS essentially becomes an ETF of Bitcoin (hold by Block.One) at half the price of BTC.

I don't mind loading up more EOS, seeing that it's among a handful of buying opportunies this season if there's a sound legal strategy behind this.

The question is how to detect if these activists are near success or has abandoned the plan.