What Interest Me This Week

League of Legends

I have a bit of a first world problem: I wanna enlarge the pool of things I do where it's not done to fulfill a secondary objective. It's done for its own sake.

Origami kinda fall in that pool. It has no discernable benefit to my career or financial gain, but given my ability to weave concept from multiple domains it's not hard to squeeze universal principles and lesson out of it.

I've long fantasize that if I were to retire I would spend a bulk of my time gaming. And I think that won't realistically happen because I gave it zero time altogether.

Lately, in the interest of injecting more randomness in my days, I started to consider playing games. In a pandemic, the sources of randomness are severely cut down. Mastodon and Twitter make for decent substitute until the medium itself (texts) hits its limit.

This is no small amount of struggle in choosing to play games. Side note: poker doesn't count. I have no doubt I would enjoy it, I only worry it's would be so much that other intellectual pursuits end up losing their shine.

Most of all it's hard to argue that it's the best use of time.

But the arguments for it are pretty strong too. For one I'm putting the spirit of sabbath into practice, which mean do whatever I feel like. Secondly like origami, I'll probably end up drawing some unexpected thoughts out of it, provided the game is well designed enough.

Since I have to pick a title, I'm better off picking a safe, established and available choice. So it's League of Legends: Wild Rift (mobile).

I'm still in practice mode. Let's see if this lasts.

Ethereum development toolchain

Without diving too deep, the Ethereum development space seems to be as out of control as Javascript is, if not more.

By that I don't mean the products that emerge within Ethereum. I'm referring to the tools that build those products.

While I"m heavily invested in DeFi, the current crop of toolchains stoke my interests as an engineer.

I don't have strong idea about what products to build but am more curious about what can be achieved as the toolchain improve.

The fact that I've gotten slowly more comfortable with modern Javascript/React helps.

I suppose I'm the reverse of product-oriented person. Show me the Lego blocks and I'll build something the technology allows.