What Interest Me This Week

Babble mode

In the spirit of adding new thinking tools, I'm building an emacs plugin called babble-mode.

The idea for you as a writer to keep writing. THe moment you stop (for a set amount of time), babble-mode will delete everything as a punishment.

Think of it as a creativity torture device. It's also consistent with the concept of creativity faucet where you're supposed to keep writing shitty content in order for quality content to surface itself.

Babble-mode works as a minor-mode, has no dependency with other major modes. The README is yet to be updated so it's not at all informative.

Micro dosing whiskey

Another Round is a rare kinda story that just invites imitation for casual cognition hackers.

It's not a new idea to me, I've flirted with micro dosing whiskey with coffee/tea in the past. It didn't stick when I had a different battle to tackle in the form of bad sleep.

This time I'm inspired to do it with higher doses and in different form, maybe purer.

I think the use case matters. I suspect coding is not the right one but everything outside of it could: writing, thinking, talking, basically everything else non-deterministic.

I suspect alcohol as a cognition tool is hardly talked about because the downside gets all the focus.

Vices exist because they serve a need. What makes them poison are often in the dosage. It's worth picking up some vices from time to time just to play with the dosage and see what it does for you.