What Interest Me This Week

Yield farming

It's something I've only done moderately even in Ethereum. Given that gas fee has been out of control for months now, I don't see that changing for the next three months.

That has me looking outside the Ethereum ecosystem where yield is attractive.

That surprisingly led me to NEO. I won't jump into the details but it's good enough to warrant me trying to liquidate my Synthetix holdings and move it here.

Having seen many yield-making platforms I've gotten a much better sense now about the risk each one incur. Staking BTC for lower yield and staking some funny altcoins for higher yield are very different propositions, even if the altcoin is poised to rise in value significantly.

I agree with the detractors of yield-farming on one thing: the ridiculous return is unsustainable.

So the real question is how long will it last. And when it ends, how bad will it look like.

I suspect it won't crash like a pyramid scheme where people lose actual money, only yield would whimper to a tepid amount. In that sense the risk-vs-reward actually looks real good.

Knowing that it won't last means I have to seize the window of opportunity rather than sneer.