What Interest Me This Week

Having the rug pulled on me

Rug-pull: that's the recent phrase used for describing an exit scam from crypto project.

Of the money I put into shitcoins, that has never happened to me.

Until yesterday.

I woke up seeing an 80% drop in a matter of hours. The Telegram group pretty much confirmed it.

I didn't lose too much money, portfolio-speaking. The amount put in was appropriate to the risk entailed.

On an absolutely basis however, I haven't bother to find out yet but I'm not sure I wanna know.

This make an interesting experience. It wasn't a too-good-to-be-true project. The fundamental was sound but it had several headwinds going against it.

How the community reacts is also something new to me. There's some hint of hope that they may revive this as a collective thing.

I don't regret investing in shitcoins in general. All decent projects started out as shitcoins. That's where outsized return is, and playing here put my risk-assessment into practice.

Loss is always more painful than profit. Bitcoin hit all time high today. I much rather endure this slight pain than to taste only the euphoria that comes with BTC mooning.

The higher the euphoria the harder the downfall.

Lucid dreaming

I just stared this book on how to lucid-dream. It has been surprisingly instructive.

The first order of business is to practice recalling dreams. I've had mixed result with dream journals in the past, but this time I'm putting my mind to it.

I've been able to successfully recall a few times but not the past two days.

An interesting side effect of successfully recalling dreams no one told me was that the day wound up feeling longer.

It's as if the day did not just starts when you wake up but rather when the dream starts playing.

If life is about experience, then this is as good as a method for life-prolongment as any.