What Interest Me This Week

Getting better at Dangerous Writing

This thread pretty much sums up the premise.

My short fictions are essentially attempts at uncovering traumas and psychologicaly shadows.

So far the results are questionable at best, in that it hardly undug anything of note (save for a few).

Journey, not destination; process, not outcome.

It's interesting to note that in the process of crafting stories I would be able to tell that I'm engaging the same old and not breaking new grounds. At least I've developed some good taste all these while.

On the topic of process, I'm reminded on a recent episode Tim Ferriss's show featuring Jerry Seinfeld. Everybody knows he has this notebook for his materials but there's a specific section where he captures little anecdotes on annoyances, musings and whatever random things that has potential.

I wonder if I should start capturing any negative emotions on text and make it a creative repository to draw from.