What Interest Me This Week

Diagnosing a special and specific case of motivation-deficiency

My HR SaaS product has been running for about five years now. My and my team has had some non-trivial amount of manpower put into it and still doing so. It's safe to say we love what we do in general. Given the choice we'd still probably end up doing this.

But it's getting harder to get excited on a day-to-day basis.

It's not boredom, it's not disenchantment, not hatred, dread, disgruntle nor ingratitude but a combination of a tiny bit of each.

I have a hard-time describing what that is. We can't put a finger on what this feeling is, let alone what the problem is.

But it's not nothing, that we know.

I highly suspect this falls squarely in the territory of Gendlin's Focusing, a felt-sense that I need to work on discovering. But I haven't got into focusing enough to have it be useful. The book is sitting there waiting for me.

I probably need to make up a concept-handle to describe this.

There's also a good chance but it has already been invented but not widespread enough to be known. Such problem is a privilege afforded only to projects lucky enough to have been running for long time along with teams that have stuck together just as long.

That shrinks the pool to a handful, and literatures that address this are naturally scarce.

It's been awhile since I wrote a sizeable think-piece. This issue is screaming for one.