What Interest Me This Week

It's selling season

Despite appearances, a bull market is the most stressful. If you feel high on FOMO buying spree you're doing it wrong.

This is the season to liquidate and scaling out. But doing so is a very different experience from acquisition.

Some tokens I bought few years ago are no longer tradeable from the same places. They have to be sold differently, sometimes on decentralized exchange, sometimes on centralized ones.

For the past few months I had to deal with impossible Ethereum gas fee effectively locking my assets from being sold. It recently got low enough for me to unlock them and make trades with.

Inflationary vs deflationary

Whether we'll be facing an inflationary economy going forward or a deflationary one influences how we allocate assets and portfolio constructions.

The finance punditry for the past half a year has been featuring debates on this.

The inflation-camp is outnumbering the deflation-camp by 8:2, if I have to guess.

Arguing that hyper inflation will happen is obvious, the signs are all there. And that worries me. If something is this easy to read there would've been no debate about it. Something has to be missing.

The deflationary camp typically understand everything inflationary people say but not the other round. I'm inclined to lean on deflation, at least on a theoretical level.

But on a practical level, inflation signs are starting to show. Commodities (look at copper) prices are running high, microchips are running short.

Historically speaking inflation is more manageable than deflation, so maybe it's not too bad. The jury is still very much out on how it'll pan out.