What Interest Me This Week


I'm getting around to finishing Gendlin's Focusing.

If I have to force an explanation, it's as an alternative form of meditation that's not about mindfulness (though some degree of mindfulness is necessary to make it work).

What's interesting to me is it treats the body as an independent entity separate from the mind. What the body feels about any given issue is a data point so rich it'd be a crime to ignore.

The practice here is to uncover bodily feelings in ways that are useful.

Joining a writing group, or not

For the past half a year I'm been taking random writing prompts and turn them into semi coherent short stories. It's done mostly to see how well I can jazz with creative-writing.

Now I think I should take it one step further. The question is which step: I can attempt to bring my materials to a wider audience (think Wattpad et al) or I should invite critiques via a writing group.

A writing group sounds like a torture device at first glance. But I could be wrong.

From time to time I come across interviews with Chuck Palahniuk. He never fails to talk about writing workshops, which to him is the spiritual equivalent to church-going.

The cost of such a group is high though, having to critique others first before having my materials read. But I'm open to the possibility I might end up enjoying tearing other people's writings to pieces.