What Interest Me This Week

Interactive literature

It's probably not the first time I explored this but never put into action. Learning the existence of something called Twine has my interest piqued again.

If a decent tool exist, I wonder if literature with interactivity can ever be elevated beyond a cheap form of choose-your-own-adventure to something truth-revealing. If so how does that look like?

Chances are these things can't be engineered from first principles (because that's what I'm tempted to do) and more likely to be discovered at the 887th attempt.

Ages of a software

I spent this weekend constructing a think-piece on software development (something I should have done more) to be published coming few days.

Doing so led me to the discover the usefulness of defining the age or phases in the lifecycle of a long running software.

As far as I know there exist no mainstream method of categorizing the "seniority" of a software. I roughly know the metric should orient around its surface area and size of code base.

Knowing its "age" informs us how to approach further development of it.

I dunno how many categories can there go up to and should rightfully have.

Confucianism drawn a guideline of what to pursue in a man's lifetime. It's divided into seven decades of a person life, beyond which the sage advice is to go off in grace.

I want something similar for software.