What Interest Me This Week

Technical debt

I'm doing a deep dive into the whole business behind technical debt.

I wanna have a handle of what it really is, the forms they manifest in, to how successful teams get around it.

Interactive fiction

I've explored this topic before but not with any degree of depth.

Tools availables to make interactive fictions are now more advanced that the state of the form.

Personally I don't consume any form of interactive stories, but only because I think most of them are unappealing text games done cheaply. If there exist an interactive story out there that should be missed, I haven't come acrossed it.

But I am fascinated by the potential of what can potentially be done with the art form that can't be achieved with linear storytelling. And I don't mean the ability to click around,

Specifically, if people read stories to learn and imitate, what are the reasons they engage with interactive fictions that are more valuable than learning and imitating?

At this point I'm leaning towards this answer: the practice of making hard choices.