What Interest Me This Week

For no apparent reason, this week is all about deep diving into media analysis.

Interactive stories

I've been looking into the works for Inkle and Telltale games, trying to get an idea what the current state of the market is when it comes to interactive adventures.

It's a curious case of me not being a fan of the genre as it stands yet intrigued about how it can be deployed to fulfill larger purposes than playing make pretend.

What if substantive but highly inaccessible essays are better done as adventure games?


I'm not new to TikTok but the last time I played with it I was merely skimming the surface as a consumer without participating.

Having put time in Twitter have me realize that new media is easy to dismiss based on the superficial description of what it the view-layer. Instagram: photos; Twitter: 280 characters; Facebook: baby pics.

The real substance of a platform happens on the dynamics beyond where few people can do justice articulating. So without really doing it to the full extent, it's like a blind person trying to imagine color.

Despite its political baggage, I suspect TikTok will have staying power and that will shape the psyche for a generation or two in ways unlike before. Being dismissive about it wouldn't help future causes.