What Interest Me This Week

Tiling window managers

Spent the weekend setting up a new work machine running Manjaro Linux. I've been on Ubuntu for more than a decade, running an Arch-based Linux now would take some getting used to.

I like the lightness of XFCE on Manjaro, but I miss being able to resize windows in a tile-based manner back in GNOME. I wasn't into something hardcore like i3 but a simple GNOME plugin called gTile was enough to make me happy.

In XFCE I get none of that. It's a problem when your screen surfaces get large enough that clicking and dragging windows around gets cumbersome.

I already run emacs full screen with four columns. Every other applications are dying to be placed to be into their own grid.

Which brings me to consider if I wanna go hardcore and integrate something like Qtile or Awesome WM. Doing so would have me adopt more keyboard shortcuts. In general keyboard shortcuts are good brain investments to make, but not all of them have the same pay off. Most shortcuts are optional, but not in the case of tiling window managers. It's all in or nothing else.

Taming the desktop chaos is a coder's equivalent to keeping weapons in pristine conditions. It's not about having more stuffs but doing more with less.