What Interest Me This Week

Getting attention

I'm getting off of my high horse and engaging in Twitter-jaya to study how attention from mobs are drawn, in practice not theory.

Look-at-me has never been my strong suit. Whether it's something I should fix remains to be seen but I'd like that option to be available if I ever wanna exercise it.

In truth the media landscape has been changing before my eyes for decades and few people truly know how to operate it well. I'm not one of them.

From what I've tried so far, an extent of mind-melding with the normie-crowd carry a serious risk of mental corruption. Go to enough parties and the only thinking you're capable of is group-think.

I've come to appreciate social media as a form of collective storytelling where each post makes up a tiny plot point. Connect the points and you get a full picture. Not the picture, just a picture that's personalized to you.

As an individual storyteller with my own narrative, it is uneasy when my second nature is to disagree with the mainstream narrative.

Let's hope continuous experiment doesn't corrupt me too badly.