What Interest Me This Week

Publishing science fiction books

I'm seriously considering if I should embark on publishing fictions commercially.

I've been doing short fictions on the side but that's not for prime time. It's a good testing ground to test out ideas and processes.

The motivation is naive enough: if I'm gonna leave ideas behind with any amount of impact, they are better off smuggled to the public as entertainment than impenetrable thought-pieces.

Creatively I think I'm ready. I've picked up enough processes to rival the pros; idea-generation is almost easy. The consideration isn't if I'm literarily good enough.

The hang up is in the whole business of marketing the work. To gain any amount of exposure requires efforts similar to customer-acquisition for a small business. All these makes writing a walk in the park. In other words I'm worried about commerce not art.

Learning how to do it is one thing, learning to enjoy it is another. I need to think about how I could do this in such a way that I win even if I fail.