What Interest Me This Week

Anthology of parables

The idea of writing a book hasn't left my mind. It's about finding a niche I can attack with creative satisfaction and not commercially bleed too badly.

Having trying my hands at this to some successs led me to consider if I should pursue writing a series of parables with loosely connected themes.

Parable is an interesting story genre. It has close to zero commercial value (as far as I can tell) yet has the largest cultural impact and staying power. In the far future, people are likely to continue telling the story of the boy who cried wolf than the story of Thanos wiping out half of humanitiy.

Parable is to storytelling what 8-bit is to gaming. It is low resolution in ways that literary experts have no respect for. But the simplicity becomes an asset when the message is subtantial and heavy enough that stories don't get in the way.

Perhaps in the media-abundant age, there's only enough attention span to accommodate short stories. Parable may be the form with the highest compression rate of ideas-per-bit.