What Interest Me This Week


I only recently realized that the act of world-building has very little to do with the art of storytelling and literature.

It's a discipline all on its own and is a layer that sits below that of storytelling frameworks like Hero's Journey.

When the world is built enough, the story will tell itself.

Different genres get to exist in the same world; the MCU is a display of that.

It's fascinating why world-building is so under-studied outside of science-fiction and fantasies. Perhaps mainstream literature have got their hands full exploring with the existing real world with needing to create new ones.

But world-building is no less relevant outside of fiction. The current version of the world is in constant doubt of capitalism, democracy, education, nationlism and many things foundational.

I'd argue that tearing down an old real world and building a new one requires the similar skillset as building a fictional world.