What Interest Me This Week

Yield farming

Now that I've gotten more active in farming yield (more than justified I suspect) I have to concede to not understanding automated market maker pools as much as I should.

Stablecoin liquidity pools are examples of low-risk ventures. I put some in a Uniswap v3 pool and it got "out of range" in a matter of hours. I'm aware of the concept but didn't put enough effort in understanding that. Judging from the risk/reward ratio I'm not sure it's worth the learning effort.

Meantime I've gotten exposed to more yielding opportunities. I've been leaving too much money on the table not putting it to work. It's not risk-less but it's the kind I can handle more so than rampant price speculation.

Proprietary portfolio tracker

My rolled my custom built portfolio tracker knowing the portfolio is going to outgrow any off-the-shelf solution. It was mostly the right decision despite the cost.

Now I'm having second thoughts about it. The DeFi space is moving faster than I'm willing to put the cost to evolve. Specifically it is entirely incapable of tracking my yield-farming activities.

Commercial tools (Zapper, DeBank et al) are starting to show up doing a good job but it's far from complete. This may be a space where if I wait long enough the problem is going to solve itself. The problem is I'll be shackled to invest in ways that are only tracked by the tools, outside of which will be a blindspot to me.

Building my own tools I'm free to be play in multiple chains (outside of the Ethereum-compatible universe). But the development cost here is non-trivial especially when a domain has not reached stagnancy.