What Interest Me This Week

Exploiting DeFi

I've been continuing to widen my scope on the DeFi landscape beyond the mainstream coverage (at the expense of fiction-writing). There's a lot more I haven't been seeing.

I'm a slow learner though. Once my understanding of something suddenly clicks, opportunities open up like never before and I can't stop thinking about it.

It took me way too long to understand the appeal of collateralized loans (using ETH et al) to get hold of stablecoins, then put it to use elsewhere for more yields. Maybe I'll even buy a car this way and do away with trad bank loan.

I'm also considering the possibility of upping my risk budget by playing yield-farming degenerate. This means putting in small capital and get back large amount of shitcoin-yield in short amount of time. But this may be ill advised, risk budget should be minimized during bull cycle.

Making money is about the most boring thing to people not playing the game, especially if you are succeeding. And I'm talking about the literal act of conjuring money from money, not building a business, serving customers or creating things of value. Unlike geeking out on something like literature, geeking out on making literal money has very little social value. That's why anyone who feels this void are tempted to flaunt.