What Interest Me This Week

Being a functioning drunkard

No I'm not alcoholic. But I've spent practically the waking hours of the entire last week feeling drowsy. There's a sleep problem somewhere but that's not the point.

The point is the effect is no different from being drunk the whole time. In and of itself being tipsy is not the problem. The problem is I don't enjoy being tipsy.

It's the one part about alcoholism I don't understand. I understand the appeal of inhibition, maybe even the presentness it places you in that alleviates future-anxiety.

But my brain would fight to the drowsiness. I attribute it to the addiction to being /Limitless/. If you don't learn to enjoy the crash, there's no chance of extracting any upside of out it.

Word is this is a state that's creative. This is proven somewhat true from my practices. I can even code in such a state even though I'll be fighting headache all the way.

Thing is I have to consider the possibility that it's a condition that will come more and more often, like common cold. So learning to operate like a functioning drunkard is about not turning an affliction into an opportunity.